We have added 2016 calendar towels below, we'll add more as they become available... For previous years see our Auctions & Collectibles...

Collectible Linen Calendar Towels

Have you ever been given a linen calendar towel as a gift? If so, did you know they are considered collectibles today? First introduced in the 1950s, they are highly sought after more today than ever before. In fact, their unique designs are quite simply.. stunning!

One of the benefits of owning one is that you can use it or hang it in your kitchen. Regardless, once the year is over you can incorporate it into any room of your home, they can be used as kitchen towels, stitched into pillows or framed for attractive wall hangings.

Linen calendar towels as well as being a great treat for yourself, also make a great gift. At a time when we are all trying to stick to our budgets, substantial savings can be enjoyed by purchasing several of these towels and giving them as gifts during the holidays.

Moreover, the colors are so beautiful and bright they would be perfect in any kitchen no matter what the color scheme is. The calendar itself is large enough to discern the dates; the borders are beautifully rendered and the pictures are quite beautiful.

Linen Calendar Towels

2016 Linen Calendar Towels